5 Day Real Estate Academy
Learn how to find, fund, and profit With real estate Deals, using other peoples money, in this intensive 5 day live training
October 21st - 25th In Reno, Nevada
From The Desk of: Wayne Wakefield
Location: Reno, Nevada

I'd like to start off by telling you a fact that might be hard for you to believe:

Over the past 35 years in real estate, I've completed over $30,000,000 in deals purchasing single family homes and commercial rental properties... 
...and I've never once qualified for a loan, used my FICO score, used bank money, or even used any money of my own!
Now I know what you might be thinking...this sounds too good to be true, my parents and college professors have always taught me that in order to purchase a home I need to get a good job to save for a down payment with a 30-year mortgage, and work for the rest of my life to pay it off. 

But let me ask you this...have you ever heard of a wealthy real estate investor going to the bank with their “hat-in-hand,” their credit report under one arm, their personal financial statements and job history under the other arm begging for a $100-million dollar loan to build a hotel or office tower? 

The answer is NEVER! 

Everyone knows that is not how it is done—but very few have ever learned that secret!

So many people know that real estate is one of the fastest ways to create wealth, but few have any idea how that is done.

You can make a fortune in real estate, but you also can lose your shirt if you don't know what you're doing! 

Yes—there are "secrets" to being successful, but very few know them; that is why they call them, “secrets!”

And now, after over 30+ years of real estate investing, and still going strong I might add, I'm sharing it all in my five day real estate academy, where we will be going over advanced real estate investing and wealth building strategies, in person, and you will walk away with...
A multi-million dollar education!
And I'm offering it at a fraction of what "traditional education" costs. 

Most people will go into $100,000+ in debt for four years to get an education in a field which usually trains them to work for someone else their whole lives!

Now I don't think there is anything wrong with working for someone else, we've all done it at some point in our lives and sometimes it's necessary. I even have some friends who are great people and find joy in their "9-5" jobs. 
But I'm just not that type of person...
...and I'm guessing that if you found this page, you aren't either.

If you're like me, you know that in order to create a truly dynamic and three-dimensional life filled with color and vibrance, being financially free and being your own boss is part of that equation. 

And while there might be a lot of different roads that can get you there, real estate investing is one of the fastest and proven ways to generate massive amounts of wealth with a relatively low barrier to entry. In fact, some sources say that...   
90% of the worlds millionaires made their wealth through some form of real estate investing.
And if you'd like to take the first step to creating your own small fortune, I'd like to invite you to my five day "in person" real estate academy. This is the most intricate “one-on-one” training ever offered by anyone in the real estate investment business! 

You cannot learn this in any “Nothing Down” course, online real estate course or through any college! 

This is for people who truly aim to join the 1% club. 

Which is why I'm limiting this training to just 12 people. I'm not looking for people who just "kinda" want to learn these strategies. 

I'm looking for a select group of people who truly have a burning desire to master the real estate game, because not only will you be going through an intensive five day training with me, I'll be working directly with you over the course of one year to personally ensure your success. 

And I even go one step further, I'll provide the funding for your first deals!

I don't know any other training programs will make this offer...which again is why I want to reiterate that I'm only looking for highly motivated people who really want to learn and master the real estate investing game.

After a year with me I can guarantee you, you will never think about money or real estate investing the same again, and you will have the knowledge to chart your own path for the rest of your life. 

This is where I find the joy in my teachings, when my students finally go out on their own and don't need me anymore. My goal is not to have you in my programs forever, but for you to apply it in the real world and make yourself a massive success I can rave about in the future. 

I look forward to working with you!
Wayne Wakefield
Total Payment
  • ​One time payment of $4997
  • ​3 Payments of $1750
*All payments must be paid in full before attending the class
Real estate academy
One Time Payment or 3 payments of $1750
  • 5-Day Training with Wayne Wakefield
  • "Example Home" Mansion Tour
  • Mentorship & Coaching For One Year 
  • Funding For Your Deals
  • Bring 1 Friend/Spouse/Partner
  • Free Admission For Future Classes
Course Curriculum
Day 1: The Foundation of For Success
Laying the foundation for profiting in real estate is extremely important. You will learn how to structure and incorporate your own business and why it is a must before you do anything in real estate.  
Day 2: Never Qualify For A Loan Again
Successful real estate investors don't go to the bank with their FICO score and job history to secure a $100 million loan to build their properties, and you don't have to either. You'll learn why you never have to qualify for a loan to ever be in the real estate game. 
Day 3: Finding The Project & "Don't Wanters"
There is always a deal in real estate where you can make a good profit. We'll be going over strategies to find the the best deal where we find the "don't wanters" of the world who need to sell at an extremely discounted rate for a variety of reasons. 
Day 4: All About Funding
This is where we talk about actually funding the property. Don't worry, you won't be learning how to raise your credit score to secure loans, you will learn how to fund your projects with other peoples money!
Day 5: Rest & Mentorship
The last day is about putting all the pieces together, asking any questions you still have, networking with other attendees, and going over how the One Year Mentorship will work. 
What Past Students Have Said
"Hang onto your seatbelt because you're going to gain more information than you know what to do with!"

- Josh, Reno
"Now I'm looking forward to finding real estate deals. The best part is Wayne is a phone call away to help!"

- Zach, Merced
"My favorite part was learning about picking the right property to passively generate income."

- Lachelle, Sacramento
Frequently Asked Questions
I don't have hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase real estate, how can I benefit from this course?
The good news for you is that you don't need hundreds of thousands of dollars. This course teaches you how to use other peoples money to purchase real estate. 
Can I really bring a friend, spouse, or business partner?
Yes you can. We want your spouse and partners to be on board with you as you go through this process, so we let you bring them free of charge. Or if you have a friend who wants to go through it with you, bring them along as well. 
Where and when will the event take place?
This training will take place October 21st - 25th of 2019. It will be in Reno, Nevada. Event location will be sent to you upon purchase.  
$4997 is a lot of money, why does this course cost so much? Can't I learn this in books?
This is actually a relatively small investment when compared to "traditional" education. And no, this is not material you will find in any book or online program. That's why we hold these events in person. This price also includes one year of unlimited access to Wayne's mentorship as well as funding for your real estate projects. If you take the program seriously, you will 10x this investment. 
I don't have any previous knowledge of real estate. Can I still benefit from this program?
Absolutely. If you have a burning desire to learn and follow direction, anyone can learn these strategies. 
Will I need to find my own accommodations?
Yes. While you are free to choose your own accommodations, we will send you our preferred partner that's closest to the event. 
5 Day Real Estate Academy
October 21st - 25th In Reno, Nevada
Yes Wayne, I'm ready to take control of my financial future and I'd like to learn how to find, fund, and profit with real estate deals, using other peoples money! I'm ready to learn...
  • ​ The art of finding "the deal" and how to pick winners
  • ​How to pick the right real estate agent and what questions to ask
  • How to be the buyer and set market so the odds are in your favor
  • ​The art of the sale, and knowing when to sell for maximum profit
  • ​How to fund real estate deals using other peoples money, with access to our own exclusive investor network to fund your own deals
  • ​Millionaire mindset strategies that will alter the way you think about money, real estate and investing for the rest of your life
  • How to get a paid a "six-figure" income to live in your house
  • ​Tax strategies and business structuring only the wealthiest 1% of people understand 
Also Included: One year of mentorship & coaching with Wayne and access to an investor network for funding deals!
Total Price: $4997 - Purchase By Clicking "Buy Now" Below
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